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Subsea Active acoustic leckage detection system.

The system is designed for subsea installation, detecting even small amounts of oil and gas in ranges up to 700 meters and with a scanning sector from 3 to 360 degrees. Various hardware and software configurations are avalible to fulfill customers need and applications not limited to oil and
gass leckage detection.
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Our Contribution:

The project has had two main task.1) Development of sensor and sensor platform and 2) Development of processing software. Our contribution has been focused on task 2. The main goal was to develop a commercial software for realtime processing of sensor data, this was ready for commercialization at the end of 2014. Due to the multi sensor nature of the system and the need to optimize detection probability
and to minimize false alarm rates, a Data Fusion Model was used. Data is collected from the sensors, processed and abstracted. This involves noise removal, object identification, associate statistical properties to objects, analysis of object behavior and interactions.